Carlota Santamaria is a Barcelona born creative director and conceptualizer, based in between New York & Los Angeles. She has also lived in Paris, Belgium and Japan, which gave her a worldwide vision of the cultural contemporary world and a deep understanding of creative thinking and image making.
Since Volume 2 of Odiseo, She has been collaborating with Folch Studio as the magazine’s creative co-director from her studio in NY & LA.
As she is continuously working on defining a new concept of Erotica, she is been part of the a new conceptual direction to Odiseo at it’s re-launch.
In addition to her work known for crossing media genres and platforms, both on and offline, she carries out a continuous investigation as a trend forecaster.
She develops an ongoing task of essay writing on today’s complex cultural, social and economic landscape. This gives her an invaluable platform from where she develops all her creative direction projects, as Ideas City video for the New Museum.
HP Hewlett Packard; Storefront for Art and Architecture NY; New Museum; Odiseo by Folch Studio; Lucas Borras; Paper Planes; Quantic; Dresslab; Stella; Suite; Apartamento Magazine;Other clients;
Daily news x Archive
New Workshop
Mayth 11, 2017

Playing around with watercolors for an upcoming workshop at WMNspace

1 min. Collage
Mayth 5, 2017

1 min collage. Small test for an upcoming workshop I’ll host.

Secret project coming up
Marchth 17, 2015

Making off ✂️ new secret project coming up … tic tac tic….

Carlota Santamaria photography riot grrrl
Riot Grrrl
Marchth 8, 2015

Happy international women’s day to all my beloved Riot GRRRLS

Origami stopmotion branding film
Februaryst 21, 2015

I’ve become an origami ( 折り紙 ) Jedi… New film coming very soon! with our new adventure Nomad Studio

Secret Project with HP coming up
Octoberth 26, 2014

Secret New Project coming up! with Lucas Borras for HP in New York

Personal project coming soon
Septemberth 20, 2014

In the making, knot after knot, shibori and indigo. Personal project for Lucas Borras.

Carlota Santamaria
WorldWide Storefront 2014 Release
Augustth 26, 2014

Really excited my second film releases today, a co-directed work with Lucas Borras for Storefront for Art and Architecture co-directed.

Quoted on Nowness
Augustth 17, 2014

Super excited was quoted on Nowness today together with Jonathan schofield interview by Joseph Delaney, about his work on Odiseo vol.4 Boy meets girl.

Soon in Nowness
Augustth 14, 2014

Jonathan Schofield’s Boy meets Girl ( variations ) from Odiseo vol.4 we’ll be feature on NOWNESS this weekend.

Carlota Santamaria Bomb for Storefront for Art and Architecture NY film
Soon new Project for Storefront NY
Julyth 19, 2014

New project coming up for Storefront for Art and Architecture NY is coming up soon. Now, in the last stages creating orginal music with Hiperpotamus.

Odiseo vol. 4 Release
Julyrd 3, 2014

Odiseo vol.4 it’s here. So much emotions encase in such a small book. Thanks Jonathan Schofield for our third cover! It portraits our new direction to perfection! couldn’t be happier.

Odiseo vol.3 Sold out
Mayth 28, 2014

Odiseo vol.3 is Sold out now at Folch Studio’s web. Still available at selected bookstores and stores.

Chill Laus with Odiseo
Mayth 7, 2014

A chat on erotica and Odiseo at Chill Laus Barcelona. The team of 5 at the same time 4 from Barcelona on the chairs and me on the screen from LA.

LA Art Book Fair
Februaryst 1, 2014

During my stay in LA I visit the Art Book Fair, it was a fabulous surprise to find out that so many people know about Odiseo. I met great photographers and editors and found really interesting projects. Maybe some really good collaboration will appear at Odiseo’s pages from this short but intense day.

Odiseo at Do You Read Me?!
Decemberth 13, 2013

Coming as far as Stockholm, New York and Barcelona, Odiseo’s team reunited for the presentation of our vol.2 at Do you read me?! in Berlin this last 13th of December. A talk about our take on eroticism and the editorial line we are following. Hosted by the welcoming Jessica and Mark.