Carlota Santamaria is a Barcelona born creative director and conceptualizer, based in between New York & Los Angeles. She has also lived in Paris, Belgium and Japan, which gave her a worldwide vision of the cultural contemporary world and a deep understanding of creative thinking and image making.
Since Volume 2 of Odiseo, She has been collaborating with Folch Studio as the magazine’s creative co-director from her studio in NY & LA.
As she is continuously working on defining a new concept of Erotica, she is been part of the a new conceptual direction to Odiseo at it’s re-launch.
In addition to her work known for crossing media genres and platforms, both on and offline, she carries out a continuous investigation as a trend forecaster.
She develops an ongoing task of essay writing on today’s complex cultural, social and economic landscape. This gives her an invaluable platform from where she develops all her creative direction projects, as Ideas City video for the New Museum.
HP Hewlett Packard; Storefront for Art and Architecture NY; New Museum; Odiseo by Folch Studio; Lucas Borras; Paper Planes; Quantic; Dresslab; Stella; Suite; Apartamento Magazine;Other clients;
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Small town boy

Inspired in suburban Paris gangs, and avoiding fashionable attitudes, this shot presents collections from different Belgium men’s designers mixed with low range basics. Juxtaposing both worlds and showing another view on masculinity.

Beauty Mario Simnch

In this piece, as part of the online platform and the multimedia possibilities it offers, we took photography one step further and build a piece in stop motion. As a beauty, products are not display in a traditional way they build up as body paint in the model’s skin turned in a canvas. A small tale on young love, and dreamers.

Beauty Erika Svensson

Erika's work is very poetic and ethereal. When I commissioned her for a beauty, a beauty on hair styling was the perfect fit, as she integrated it easily into her vision, working with it in a subtle way. Mirroring nature textures and shapes in the hair styles and intimacy in the images at the same time. Looking for a look that resembles steels from a 60' Nordic experimental movie.

Martin Margiela J T’M

This project consisted in portraying Martin Margiela's team. I've asked everyone to come to work with their favorite Maison Martin Margiela piece. I've photographed them in their work routine through out Margiela's studio, when it was still a little house inside a Parisian courtyard. Everything was shot in film. After printing the photos on paper, I've reworked the images painting over some of the elements of the photo. Margiela's studio used to be all painted in white and furniture and objects all around covered with white slipcovers. I've mimic the concept through paint on top of the photos surface. Special thanks to Tomoko, Ricardo, Natalie, Claudia & Angelique.

Pray to the light machine

Steve Boi eyewear collection could be defined as extravagant with a hint of Gang under-culture. So for this project I worked with the concept of fashion as seen in a Vogue-ing contest in contrast with urban industrial decay. Juxtaposing a graphic and elegant look in black and white and a background of extreme industrial and isolated locations. Inspired by sharp movements in Vogue-ing we worked with Gustavo Mañas the director on a game of time lapse editing, so a sort of choreography builds up in the film combining time, posing and locations.

Suite magazine

Suite magazine, started as a music publication, in one point they wanted to expand their reach and add a fashion section and invite me to become the Fashion Editor. I've created new sections as the trend topic “Je T’M” and commission the editorial content for example the Renown fashion photographer Daniel Sanwald published his first fashion editorial in Suite. Other collaborators' names are Daniel Riera, Luis Vengas and Nacho Alegre. After a year I move to Paris and partner with Carlos Ramirez to expand all the fashion and lifestyle content in the magazine. What started as a local Barcelona base publication end up gaining international recognition to the point of being on the shelves of top taste maker shops as Colette in Paris.

Black sun

I directed this film pursuing the idea of making a visual art piece, but at the same time it is a fashion film too. I've chosen a vintage Martin Margiela dress as I admire him as a creator who was able to bring art in into fashion in a shameless undisguised way. I guess my first idea has been achieved, as the video has been exhibited in Art festivals ( Incubarte, Close up Vallarta) galleries (Mr. Pink, ULAC), as well as in fashion film festivals ( ASVOFF at Caixa Forum, Hispanic-American Fashion Culture at FIT) For that piece I've work on the following concept. In the Japanese Bunraku Theatre, the puppets come to life through puppeteers dressed in black. The first impression is that the puppet is an inert object that moves at the whim of the artist. But the more you deepen in the play, the characters dressed in black, end up seeping away. They appear to your eyes as slaves of the puppet, moving to the sound of what appear to be the wishes of a doll that gained life.?In this connection we see a reflection of the nature of man and his soul. Homer sees life as a breath and at the same time as a disembodied shadow, the body depends on the halo of soul’s breath to live. Orphisms believes that the soul is not a principle that informs the body and gives him life, but something that’s essentially non-sensitive and not material detached from the body, which seeks to ascend.?In this piece I think about how to visualize if the soul comes down to the body, or the body to the soul.?Is it the soul the one that moves us like marionettes, or it is our body the one that gives a space to the existence of the soul??I articulate this duality by constructing an environment without definite dimensions, and a hypnotic narrative where what we don’t see, the black body, has the same presence and visual force as what can see, the dress.

Sim/Stim with Zeitguised

The intention with this video was bringing eroticism to the new Phygital dimension. I am very excited with this collaboration together with Zeitguised, as it reaches a highly conceptual level of eroticism, which is what I am after at Odiseo. With this work we enter on the realm of Phygital experiences, were the digital and the physical world coexist and we can't stigmatize one or the other, as they melt without borders. Zeitguised worked the entire piece through CGI, and yet the models look so present. Their starting point was a real body to generate our Digital model. Society always has fantasized about hologram lovers, and 3D muses, and we personally think we haven't seen anything before that looks as real as Zeitguised sim/stim work. I always have admired Zeitguised work, and follow their career for the last years. I consider Zeitguised studio a pioneer on the new vision on CGI, cross-pollinating technology and art. It has been a great pleasure to finally work together with them through Odiseo. Concept, Art Direction & Design: Zeitguised with Chris Hoffmann Creative Direction - Zeitguised with Albert Folch & Carlota Santamaria for Odiseo Imaging & Animation: Chris Hoffmann Sound: Superimposed Void - Want (Good Price Rec.) Zeitguised statement on the piece: "Shifting between auto-eroticism and material fetish, ‘sim | stim’ proposes a cargo cult of sensual nano-alchemy. It celebrates temporary mummification of the body by engaging in an erotic relationship with shape changing clouds of synthetic material. Touching on the topics of body enhancement and death through preservation, sexual attraction is being conserved in floating silicone bubbles; flesh is suspended in ersatz aspic, comparable to an ‘inverse boob job’."