Carlota Santamaria is a Barcelona born creative director and conceptualizer, based in between New York & Los Angeles. She has also lived in Paris, Belgium and Japan, which gave her a worldwide vision of the cultural contemporary world and a deep understanding of creative thinking and image making.
Since Volume 2 of Odiseo, She has been collaborating with Folch Studio as the magazine’s creative co-director from her studio in NY & LA.
As she is continuously working on defining a new concept of Erotica, she is been part of the a new conceptual direction to Odiseo at it’s re-launch.
In addition to her work known for crossing media genres and platforms, both on and offline, she carries out a continuous investigation as a trend forecaster.
She develops an ongoing task of essay writing on today’s complex cultural, social and economic landscape. This gives her an invaluable platform from where she develops all her creative direction projects, as Ideas City video for the New Museum.
HP Hewlett Packard; Storefront for Art and Architecture NY; New Museum; Odiseo by Folch Studio; Lucas Borras; Paper Planes; Quantic; Dresslab; Stella; Suite; Apartamento Magazine;Other clients;
Daily news x Archive

New. HP Sprout’sworldwide launch

In the event of the HP Sprout's worldwide launch I was invited as a guess creative for a live demonstration. Sprout is a computer that combines the capabilities of a keyboard, projector, canvas, scanner and 3D camera into one single device. So the main point was combining traditional techniques with the digital world. I did some backgrounds using Suminagashi, and ancient Japanese technique with suspended inks on water. Combine different collage techniques, scissors and digital cutting and watercolors The whole process was swinging from digital images to actual real objects and their projections overlaying layers of physical and digital objects. The result are Phygital images. That perfectly refer to the trend-forecasting report I've done on August 12' Digital Surrealism and the appearance of a third dimension, the Phygital.

Shotview X’mas Campaign

Kozva Rigau approached me with a commission. She wanted to make a campaign to promote her exclusive Creative Agency. A series of limited edition T-shirts and Cards were done under the slogan “hit my eyes”. I’ve created a series of illustrations that translates that slogan, through the attitudes of the models and the use of color. We finally selected two, the one for the t-shirt plays with the analogy of a girl that takes of her t-shirt printed in a t-shirt, and the second one is the inviting gaze of young girl, in between a lover look and a predator in disguised.

Suite magazine

Suite magazine, started as a music publication, in one point they wanted to expand their reach and add a fashion section and invite me to become the Fashion Editor. I've created new sections as the trend topic “Je T’M” and commission the editorial content for example the Renown fashion photographer Daniel Sanwald published his first fashion editorial in Suite. Other collaborators' names are Daniel Riera, Luis Vengas and Nacho Alegre. After a year I move to Paris and partner with Carlos Ramirez to expand all the fashion and lifestyle content in the magazine. What started as a local Barcelona base publication end up gaining international recognition to the point of being on the shelves of top taste maker shops as Colette in Paris.

Odiseo vol.2

This was the first time creative directing the magazine after all the strategy work we have done. We worked the vol.2 as a 360º product, with all the visual content, the video teaser and the special collaboration. We wanted to show a new vision, First a woman in charge of her erotic power, Lina Schennius' Diary pictures were perfect. With that we broke the stereotype of woman being the passive subject to showcase a woman in power of her sexuality. We were also seduced by Jo swab's great work, as he was portraying all this different women and every single one was extremely seducing from its very own individuality. With this story we made a statement against standardization and stereotypes. Those Ideas are principles we want stand for at Odiseo. To finishi up we invited Jonathan Leder to revisited the seducing 60' erotica. Creating an elegant Ode to femininity. The cover was obviously a statement too. A strong image of a seductive girl with natural hair armpit. One of the main concepts I’m reinforcing in the new Odiseo is that the publication is not about submissive women it's about the power of seduction as a concept.

Odiseo vol.3

We worked in 4 different areas for this volume. On the content of the publication, the cover, the special collaboration, and the presentation at Do you read me?! Berlin. This volume, Albert Folch and I wanted to reaffirm the fact that Odiseo works eroticism from a conceptual point of view. So we worked on creating a balance in between natural eroticism from Marc Regas story, constructed eroticism from the graphic nudes in Olya's work, and the conceptual eroticism from Max & Patrick view on Italian women. We worked extensively on editing Marc's photos, to create a black and white melody as a José Gonzalez song. I met with Max & Patrick to personally discuss about our take on eroticism the way it can be translated to images and put ideas together, the result is a story were there is barely a couple of nudes but highly charged erotic women are portrayed, an Ode to Italian women. We also worked with Olya, on moodboards, inspiration and back stories that build her powerful emotional story about women's sexual growth. The culmination of this volume 3 was a presentation at Do You Read me Berlin?! Albert Folch talked about the project as a whole and into the Editorial scene, Oriol Mogas explained the Editorial text content, and I did the presentation on Odiseo's take on erotica and it's foundations. The special collaboration was comissioned to Aparatu, a ceramic artist and the teaser to Pensacola. The chosen cover expresses the aim of Odiseo of not being gender restricted as well as the concept that eroticism is not base on what you see but what your mind projects.

Odiseo vol.4

The creative direction role in Odiseo vol 4 has a accomplish one more step commissioning the video for the release to an outstanding creative studio as Zeitguised, the stills from the video become the interlace pages of the book. For the photographic work we invited Jonathan Schofield, Stella McCartney ‘s creative director, who presented a visual essay base in some found photographs, and the cross boundaries of intimacy and public spheres. I’ve worked with the stylist Raquel Franco and the Photographer Alex Franco on a piece about feminine old school seduction. And invited Olya Olelnic to work on a series that explore the beauty of color and texture under a modern view of African inspiration.

Best Fall Winter Ad Campaings

Carlos Ramirez from Paper Planes wanted to do an archive story on the 2006 main fashion add campaigns. He wanted to feature the most remarkable ones but at the same time avoid any kind of copyright issues. The concept that was developed for that project was an image compose by the illustrated campaign and later on superpose to the original photo, with a slight transparency and off-centered. So there is a trompe-l'oeil dialog, when the viewer thinks is seeing a drawing but suddenly looks like a photography, and he/she's not so sure what is it. That way we kept the original add but we passed it through our lenses creating a new image.